Also known as wood shavings or wood wool, our excelsior collection offers a variety of cuts, colors, and custom mixes for use with packaging and gift baskets. Colorado-grown aspen is the source of our premium grade excelsior.

The ribbon cut, a recent addition to our line-up, has a thick and bold new look. Many seasonal colors to choose from.

Try out our aspen wood moss, a cleaner, insect-resistant alternative to Spanish moss. Available in a variety of earth tones.


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Orange Burgundy Purple Basil Deep Blue Brown Moss

Peach Mauve Teal Khaki Hunter Green Black
Summer Yellow Gold Garden Green Lavender Marine Spanish Moss
Natural Periwinkle Blu Cotton Candy Pink Holiday Green Red Green Wood Mos

Catalog No.


Quantity Bags per case
EXCELSIOR 4.0 oz    


Natural 4 oz 36 Bags
Colors 4 oz 36 Bags
2 Mixed Colors 4 oz 36 Bags
EXCELSIOR 12.0 oz    
Natural 12 oz 12 Bags
Colors 12 oz 12 Bags
2 Mixed Colors 12 oz 12 Bags
EXCELSIOR  BULK (Not Bagged)  


Natural 1 lb 10 lbs
Colors 1 lb 10 lbs
2 Mixed Colors 1 lb 5 lbs
Bale, Natural 1 lb 30 lbs

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